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Palengke Mall

The word palengke is a local variant of the Spanish word palenque, literally meaning “(wooden) palisade or stockade” and by extension the area enclosed by such a structure for defense, public festivals or some other purpose. It is also used to describe a pathway or cluster of tables set up at some place of gathering such as a theatre, tournament or market.

Today, Palengke is widely used in Philippines to describe a marketplace. Thus, the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the PNW’s Palengke Mall is born. We created this platform extension to support and promote Filipino-American Businesses. We would extend our invitation for Filipino Businesses to join our marketplace. 

By promoting Filipino businesses and professionals, we launched Online Palengke Mall. All this has to be well supported by the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest by providing these opportunities for your business’s growth. The FCCPNW offers an opportunity for you to develop your capabilities and gain knowledge without compromising your image of the business. As your  chamber continues to grow, so will your connections. Our chamber will hold networking opportunities, allowing you to get to know community members, fellow business owners, and other professionals. Make new connections and foster additional exposure for your business.

Taking advantage of the chamber’s professional development opportunities will help your business make necessary changes, share its expertise with others, and grow. Your business’s relationships and possible expansion through our chamber!

For more information, please email: [email protected]

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Headway Nursing

Heidees Formals
Seattle, WA  – Retail & Apparel

Hood Famous BakeShop
Seattle, WA – BAKERIES

House of Daggers
Seattle, WA | Fashion Design